The Aeon War rages. Mankind has never been more desperate and resilient, forced to fight for their right of life against enemies born of this world and beyond it.

The Migou push at humanity’s borders, looking to finish the war that their vat-bred Nazzadi could not. The Esoteric Order of Dagon fills the ocean with their amphibious and alien mecha, searching for lost and forbidden knowledge while they swallow up coastal towns, converting them into vile breeding camps to swell their Deep One ranks. The terrifying and bestial Rapine Storm — one sect of The Disciples of the Unnameable — runs roughshod over Australia and Asia, while the insidious members of Death’s Shadow broker back-alley deals and corrupt our arcologies from within.

The New Earth Government takes all of these threats head-on; through the superiority of arcanotechnology and, subsequently, their mech and Engel programs, they continue to buy one more day for humanity with the blood of brave men and women the world over.

However, there is a threat that they cannot combat. A threat that they cannot detect. A threat that festers from within. It is a company whose name is synonymous with most modern necessities and consumer luxuries: Chrysalis Corporation. It is through them that the Children of Chaos manipulate the NEG to serve the needs of The Director, an avatar of the God of Chaos itself. Through their sinister rituals, they endeavor to make man into monster, preparing the world for Nyarlathotep’s imminent arrival.

This is not a battle that can be fought with conventional methods. This is the Shadow War, and there is only one weapon that can be levied against the monsters of the Chrysalis Corporation and their masters; a monster with the heart of a man. The Eldritch Society and their holy warriors — Tagers, men and women bonded with a being from beyond time and space — resist the tide of corruption, hunting down the Dhohanoids that lurk in the depths of every arcology, in the corners of every nightclub, and at the tables of every boardroom.

This is the story of the arcology of Portland, Oregon, the Tagers that occupy it, and the Chrysalis Corporation operations that threaten its inhabitants. Will the Eldritch Society snuff out the Corporation’s fledgling presence, or will the Children of Chaos find new strength in a partnership with a dangerous enemy?

It's Not the End of the World, but I Can See It from Here

Metrophelean Melodywish Astoreth Eithlinn