Roger Avery


Overseer of the Portland Operator Network


Tech junkie and caffeine enthusiast, it’s obvious that Roger has seen better days; he walks with a pronounced limp, never looks like he’s gotten enough sleep, and has a tendency to be curt in his conversations. None of this seems to abate his enthusiasm when performing his duties, however, as he exhibits an almost child-like glee in managing the work of the local operators in Portland and surrounding areas. He is responsible for maintaining the network systems of the temple, doling out the necessary gear to new packs, and setting up said packs with operators that would be the best fit.

Avery looks to be in his mid-30s, with shaggy brown hair, perpetual stubble, spectacles, and an ever-present cup of coffee in his hand. There has been some mention that he used to be a field agent for a Tager pack — a very dangerous position that only the bravest of operators dare attempt to fill.

Roger Avery

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