High-ranking Tager, Inferno-symbiont


Cold, calculating, and nigh-unapproachable, the Tager known only by the callsign “Wildfire” finds himself residing in Portland for the time being. Rumors abound, but the most popular claim is that this is a result of mandatory relief exacted on packs that operate in Africa, specifically Johannesburg, something which, if true, hasn’t done much to improve his mood. If the rest of his pack are in the area, they have yet to make themselves known.

Wildfire is of average height and a bit on the slim side, with ember-red hair to his shoulders and fiery eyes to match. While not unattractive, his constant glower tends to put him on the “scary” side of desirable.

It’s known to most of the staff of the Portland Temple that Wildfire was responsible for the plot that resulted in the destruction of the Black Butte Temple.


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