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1st Session

Infonet Log – 5/22/2085
Username: T.Cordova
RE: Unscheduled Sortie
Location: Black Butte, Oregon – Eldritch Society Temple

Sleep was interrupted by the temple’s integrity alarm system. Aside from my dorm and two others, the temple’s residences looked to have been evacuate (confirmed later by Master Sorenson). I took a moment to alert the occupied dorms.

Moments after waking the occupants of the remaining dorms (one Samantha Benson and a Jenia Dawson), three unidentified males entered from the dorm’s primary entrance. After the initial surprise wore off (the unidentified were confused to find anyone remaining in the temple) they implied their fortune at finding people to “play” with.

The unidentified males confirmed their dhohanoid status before my symbiont could determine origin. The (3) Dua-Sanaras (identification later confirmed by Society archive), approached with intent to terminate. Samantha employed her Echo-Symbiont with little hesitation, followed by Jenia (Shadow-Symbiont). Tager status confirmed, I employed my Nightmare-symbiont and proceeded to engage hostiles.

The conflict was over in seconds, and we continued immediately toward the temple’s lorekeeper archives. Our passage was interrupted by a broken door, but a simple debug command activated its diagnostic mode and allowed us to bypass the impediment. The kitchen beyond was occupied by hostiles. We disbatched (5) additional Dua-Sanaras and (1) frenzied Elib (confirmation difficult; Samantha disposed of the remains with great effeciency).

The archives were similarly occupied. (2) Elib, (2) Gelgore and (1) Dua-Sanaras (subject did not take his true form; identification was by G. Sorenson). Jenia had some difficulty with the Gelgore, due to their focused fire. The humanoid Dua-Sanaras (G. Sorenson identifed as “Paul Rutger”) spent the conflict downloading then-unknown documents from lorekeeper archives, fleeing on foot when confronted with Samantha’s Echo-Symbiont. The humanoid Dua-Sanaras escaped via Chrysalis Corp helicopter, threatening Samantha with vehicular armament.

Post-conflict, we received a call from the Portland Arcology’s Eldrich HQ, telling us to prepare for evac. After assuring the remaining dhonanoids were disbatched, we gathered our belongings and departed the Black Butte facilities.

It is worth noting Samantha and Jenia had been bonding to their symbionts for only a few hours. I, myself, had not yet been bloodied.
Not fucking bad.


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